Workshop The Unwanted Land: Stories of Migration

In one week during the exhibition, the project team will explore the impact of migration in a workshop that facilitates various exchanges with audiences.

The public can respond to the exhibition and share their ideas and feelings with the project. The workshop participant is invited to bring a valued object of their home country (in case of immigrants) or something they relate to strongly because they identify the object with their identity or sense of belonging. The objects brought by the audience can be the starting point for discussing what makes its so valuable, how it responds to one’s sense of belonging. A central question is how art can trigger these feelings, and how it can stimulate awareness of this experience.

Stories of Migration

People who have experienced migration could be asked to write down their memories about this event in a short text between 500 – 800 words, and/or a video diary (2-5 minutes). Except for listing their name, year of birth, country of origin, country and year of migration, they are free choosing the kind of text they wish to write. They could write in the language nearest to them; an English translation will accompany the essay.
The stories of migration will form a major part of the exhibition, workshop and publication.