Dirk de Bruyn

• Keywords –absence-erasure-horizon-taal-memory-
• Werd geboren in Dordrecht in 1950 en emigreerde met zijn ouders naar Australië in 1958, waar hij sindsdien woont en werkt.
• Dico de Bruyn (werktitel): relationele installatie die fysieke afwezigheid ‘aanwezig’ maakt, bestaande uit een objectinstallatie en de video-installatie ‘Gesprekken met mijn moeder’. ‘My contribution to the Unwanted Land comes from the outside; from someone who is defined as having been rejected by or having rejected the land of the Netherlands, or of being complicit in making the land unwanted. This is a perception I am not comfortable with and will unpack and re-examine. At the same time what is the question that can be asked about those who left the Netherlands? What is being rejected, what is being run away from? This is a more uncomfortable question at its core. This offers an elusive, difficult and perhaps less immediately gratifying view for those who live in the place left (Netherlands). This is more about issues of shame and guilt ahead of privilege.’