De werkgroep

Kitty Zijlmans Prof.dr. C.J.M. Zijlmans (Kitty) - Professor of Contemporary Art History, Faculty of Arts, Leiden University, The Netherlands (publicatie en concept, Universiteit Leiden)

Dineke Huizenga Dineke Huizenga is kunsthistorica en werkt als coach van (buitenlandse) kunstenaars en als consultant m.b.t. culturele diversiteit. Zij specialiseerde zich in kunst en materiele cultuur van de islamitische wereld en was tot 2003 werkzaam als (gast)docent, onderzoeker en tentoonstellingmaker voor musea en universiteiten.

Rudi Struik Rudi Struik’s work is characterized by a large diversity of materials and techniques. Especially his early work shows a great care for the materials – particularly wood - and their handling. Wood meant a warm, ‘living’ material for him in which he felt able to express himself freely. Without a preconceived concept he started to work with a piece of wood; while carving, an idea of a form developed, initially following the natural grain of the wood, later in combination with other materials, such as Perspex and metal.